Cookie Monster 🍪

No water, strawberries or all the other fruit y’all trying to be

He a straight monster and only wants that chocolate chip cookies taste from me

So soft and littly browned with just the right amount of chips with each bite

Licking all the chocolate off his fingers just to taste the warmth again

Served on a silver plater all dressed up and smelling good

He could wait to get some cream to go with his cookies and milk

He’s the Cookie Monster always ready for a nibble

He’s the Cookie Monster always ready to eat

He’s the Cookie Monster so sometimes he’s a little sloppy you see

But he’s the Cookie Monster so much sure you give him a treat






Queen of Hearts 💞👰💞

Always making sure she’s looking right, for her first impression on Mr. Right

Not afraid to show her sexy to the world knowing she’s a master piece work of art

Hoping she never has to waste time making plays with the Jacks of the game

Awaiting her King who’s not scared of the beauty she beholds within just the same

Wanted by many but only made a few books to add to the score

Never playing with their hearts just touching their souls

Until she has her King to give him what he’s worked so hard for

The game has ended, scores all added up and she’s the winner even one book short

She’s where she will forever remain …. which will always make her the Queen of Hearts without a doubt!


My Lips 💋

Dress them up in a color or two but my pink tube will always do

The gift and the curse they may be but that’s all up to you, you see

They can take you to ecstasy or be your worst nightmare truthfully

So plump and full of LIFE, all you can do is daydream what they feel like

Lick them softly and now you having thoughts about me “Rocking Your Mic”

Piss me off and then here comes the battle of your LIFE

You want a bite just to taste the forbidden fruit you like

Can tell you some things but unsure if you’ll understand them when spoke

Sweet whispers in your ear telling you words that draw you near

Passionate kisses upon your forehead that leave you shoked and bewildered

Smile, frown, laugh or pout they can do it all and still say, “I love you at night”

Words that passes through these lips you’ll see should never to be dismissed

They speak how they feel and what they want so you have to keep up with them

No extras needed cause they work just fine to say what’s on their mind

If they offend you then they must’ve been right at some point in time

You don’t have to like my lips though cause they suit ME just fine

That’s why their MY LIPS and made one of a kind


I Am Just Being Me 😌

I am not the stereotype

I am humble

I am intelligent

I am tough

And I am just being me


I am not afraid to be imperfect

I am generous to a fault

I am loyal

I am modest

And I am just being me


I am not a simple person to understand

I am kind hearted

I am demand for

I am unique

And I am just being me


I am not very open

I am shy

I am cautious

I am independent

And I am just being me


I am not soft spoken

I am thoughtful

I am sweet

I am sensitive

And I am just being me


I am not to be taken advantage of

I am beautiful

I am goofy

I am a LEO

And I am just being me


Killer Water 🍶



For numerious of years our water was just fine you see

But now a days it’s not even safe for our people to be thirsty

You showed us instead of fixing the problem you’d just rather kill me

Switched up the water supply to save a few bucks indeed

Flint, Michigan look what you’ve done to me!

Government officials sitting back saying, “Just drink up” we seen

All the while they’re just setting up their genocide on us to no longer be

April 2014 when the lead was found it got real

So no drinking, cooking or even bathing with it…. how can we live

Flint, Michigan look what you’ve done to me!

So tell me how really safe this water is again to society!?

Between 6 and 12,000 children effected by the water in this city

Some trying to live with Legionnaires’ disease that YOU INFECTED them just by drinking

Wanting us to just be quite and accept these things without a care you see

Flint, Michigan look what you’ve done to me!

The EPA warned you but the officials said, “Fuck them too!”

After all this how’s he still the Governor of Flint, this I’m unsure

I guess as long as it’s not in your home it doesn’t exist to you

Effecting only those of “fewer trees to spend” and “darker skin” tones to bare

Flint, Michigan look what you’ve done to me!



Pick A Door 😕


Pick a door, any door is what they say.

Pick a door, any door it’s all just in fun and games.

Pick a door, any door you’re almost there.

Pick a door, any door then enjoy the prize you’ve gained.

Pick a door, any door what’s the wait!?

Pick a door, any door and none are the same.

Pick a door, any door but make your choice wisely they say

Pick a door, any door and you’ll never be the same.


Reflection 👥


My big bold hair that glows like the thousands of stars in the sky.

My skin of bronze that shines bright like the golden rays from the sun.

My bold and yet all so soft eyes like the moon that can catch your heart.

My soul of fire and passion that shows in everything I touch.

My unique appearance that sets me apart from the rest.

Ohhhh,  can’t you see I’m just a reflection of my ancestors that live within me! YESSSS!


Out Of My Damn Mind 😲💭


So if I let you tell it….Oh, yeah I’m out of my damn mind!

The real issue is that I’m just made one of a kind.

Why follow the sheep when I have a LION inside of me!

Why believe everything I’m told when I was born to be a scholar you see!

Don’t kiss ass of the masses because I don’t share their fire & desires!

So if I let you tell it…Oh, yeah I’m out of my damn mind you see!

No the thing is you can’t see, is that I’ve wiped my third eye free!

I see a lot of things even clearer now so somethings I’ve learned to just let it be.

Always trying to improve my spirit and way thinking to better me.

The real issue is you want me to be how you want but I CAN ONLY BE ME!

So if I let you tell it….Oh, yeah I’m out of my damn mind you see!




Choices 💊


Which pill could you swallow?

We all want these things but at what cost are you willing to get it.

Multiple things throughout life will come and go like the seasons.

How you handle it will help you grow and see the meaning.

Which pill could you swallow?

You hurry to take the pill but never read the side affects.

Thinking was it really worth it but it’s to late to have regards.

Hoping everything will do as it said to give you want you need.

Which pill could you swallow?

Now you can feel it working and making the change.

But then comes the side affects which makes you feel nothing but pain.

So just make sure you’re careful with the choices you have to make.

Which pill could you swallow?


The Journey 🚶


Who said it would be easy?

It doesn’t come with any type of manual guide or  go-to-page

It doesn’t just show you what you want to see but who you need to be

It doesn’t always play fair and boy can it cheat

It doesn’t always tell the truth and can make it sound so sweet

It doesn’t make confusion simple without a doubt so you’ll start to question just about everything 

It doesn’t have an understanding of time so we tend to live in the moment that’s around

It doesn’t make us feel wanted until we understand what we really want

It doesn’t stay on the projected course because that’s just how LIFE works!

Who said it would be easy?