💻Social Media📱

_20160313_111657People look at you and think they have you all figured out

Read a Facebook quote and they know your whole LIFE

Check your IG bio and put you down for promoting YOURSELF!

Everybody can’t and don’t hustle the same

Social media is just part of the game

You can’t take everything you see and hear to heart cause for some it’s a work of ART

A place to leave their mark in time to forever be displayed

Some use it as a virtual book to express everything

Some use it to pass the time during the day

Social media is the only place where you can be WHATEVER you want for the world to see

But sometimes people forget it’s those that REALLY know them

The strangers show more love than the people who really know YOU

When living a lie thou you have to keep the truth from the lies so they block and delete

Social media the place where it goes down in the DM cause you cheating on your mate

It’s the way of the twisted world in which social media has made disconnection from humans okay

Where people put more time into posting and inboxing than their relationship

But hey that’s SOCIAL MEDIA……






  1. good890 · March 15, 2016

    😍😍Loved this line-Social media is just part of the game!
    Suggest me ways to write poems,checkout my short poem Faith i really need your feedback-


    Liked by 1 person

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