Cookie Monster 🍪

No water, strawberries or all the other fruit y’all trying to be

He a straight monster and only wants that chocolate chip cookies taste from me

So soft and littly browned with just the right amount of chips with each bite

Licking all the chocolate off his fingers just to taste the warmth again

Served on a silver plater all dressed up and smelling good

He could wait to get some cream to go with his cookies and milk

He’s the Cookie Monster always ready for a nibble

He’s the Cookie Monster always ready to eat

He’s the Cookie Monster so sometimes he’s a little sloppy you see

But he’s the Cookie Monster so much sure you give him a treat






Loyalty vs. Lust


A woman doesn’t have to fall into the arms of lust when she’d rather be in the heart of loyalty.

A woman understands that lust will last for a moment while loyalty can last for eternity.

A woman has no problem with pleasing herself instead of letting whomever within her to pleasure themselves.

A woman can build the strongest guard only to see who’s worth loving hard.

A woman can have all the options in the world but still choice to be loyal to herself as well.

A woman’s actions are never easy to explain but if she’d rather have your loyalty than the lust…. don’t make her regard staying.




💪 Power Couple


They say it’s the








that makes a power couple well,  I totally think they’re wrong!

It’s the







Sensitivity to each others needs 

now that truly makes a Power Couple! To be real with each other  through it all & to be able to hold you up when you feel like your falling.









_20160315_152807ove is said to be a word of actions not to just be spoken

_20160315_153135verrated due to the new views of society since everybody thinks it’s just the thing to do, use it so loosely that is just being abused

_20160315_152833ery aware that we all need it,  but through the tests over time has made our hearts cold so Love & LUST get confused at the first glance

_20160315_152856verybody’s looking for it & hope they find the right fit to match them but FIRST you have to know how to love YOURSELF!




Is That To Much To Ask 😕

Always having to be the strong one, keeping your head up and walking stead fast.

Never thinking about the worst because that’s not an option within your path.

I put on a smile, laugh and don’t forget about the Superwoman suit made of steel!

Oh, but it would be so nice to lay my head down and feel the same love that I give out.

Is that to much to ask!?

I love hard and maybe that’s the problem.

I give to much to those that don’t deserve it.

Learning how to love is what comes with ease, but it’s the return policy that’s always voided as seen.

Who knows what the future holds for anyone but everyone’s looking for the same ending.

Finding that ONE who makes your soul shine like millions of stars in the sky.

Or can set your heart on fire like the Red Moon with just a simple touch.

Is that to much to ask!?

Although people will try and steal from you the joy inside.

When you stay focused on YOUR prize the end results will always shine.

So don’t fall short due to the noise going on around, it’s just minor setbacks trying to keep you down.

Find that one that builds you up like the pyramids, not tear you down like The Twin Towers

Is that to much to ask!?